Clix Toilet Training Bells


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Halti Clix Toilet Training Bells For Dogs is where you can feel good about training your bestie to let you know when they’ve got to go! Have you ever had your bestie have a few accidents inside or them scratching at the door? Well, this is a bark-worthy solution for you! That way, it takes the guesswork out of letting them out with a pleasant ringing of the bell, especially when they resort to barking to be let out.

Halti Clix Toilet Training Bells For Dogs is 100% synthetic and easy to wipe clean. No matter what size they are, the training bells are adjustable so it’s easy to reach for any furball. Plus, if this is your first time, it comes with an easy-to-follow training guide to help you train and answer any questions you may have. Made in the United Kingdom. Always have fresh water accessible to your bestie. Comes in a light blue strap with cute little silver bells