Strait to Summit Treats


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Ethical treats for discerning pets. Filler free, seasonal treats from the farm to your dog.

Storage once opened: 2-3 days on the shelf, 1-2 weeks in the fridge, indefinitely in the freezer. 

Pasture Blend Variable Reward Ingredients: beef bites, beef heart, beef liver, tripe bites (ground beef*, green beef tripe) - 75g

North Island Blend Variable Reward Ingredients: beef bites, salmon bites (land raised atlantic salmon, free range egg), beef liver, tripe bites (ground beef, green beef tripe) - 75g

Comox Valley Pork Lung Bites Ingredients: 100% Pork lung - 75g


McClintock's Farm Water Buffalo Bites Ingredients: water buffalo muscle meat - 75g