Lotus Ball


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The Lotus Ball is the original treat-dispensing pull-apart toy! This stimulating, reward-based toy will keep your dog in the game when you are training. The three parts of the ball or "petals" are lined with Velcro so that the dog can open the ball and get to the treats inside without destroying the toy. There's a nylon webbing loop sewn to the bottom of the Lotus Ball that you can use to attach a rope, handle, or leash to the toy for chase games. 

Lotus Balls are an excellent toy for food-motivated dogs so that you can throw their reward during your agility training, and dog trainers around the country have come up with innovative ideas for using Lotus Balls to teach contacts, distance skills, and much more!

These are the only real Lotus Balls available. We pay a royalty to the original designer and took over manufacturing and design from Premier/PetSafe. So accept no substitutes!

The Lotus Ball is one of our most popular treat-dispensing toys, but not all dogs like Velcro. So we developed the Lily in conjunction with Rachel Evers, an agility instructor in California. 

The Lily has extra "petals" and material at the top so that the dog can start opening the ball before his nose touches any Velcro. The Lily also has 4 petals instead of 3 (like the Lotus Ball) so that you have more leeway in how easy or difficult you make the toy to open based on how firmly you attach the Velcro on the 4 petals. Your dog can also pick up the Lily by one of the petals if he prefers rather than putting the whole toy in his mouth.

The base of the Lily, where you put the treats, is 4" high and 2.75" wide. The petals are 2" long. The Lily is made from lightweight and durable Cordura so it can handle dirt and dog slime. Machine wash and line dry.

The Medium Lotus Ball is 4" in diameter. 
The mini lotus ball is 2.5” in diameter 

Note: The Lotus Ball is a dog training tool, and is not intended to be given to the dog for self-play. Your dog should be supervised whenever you are using the toy with treats inside.