Tug Toys by 4 My Merles Creations


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Handmade tug toys by 4 My Merles Creations


The Rabbit Tug is made with real rabbit fur and tubular webbing, this tug is designed with the small dog or gentle tugger in mind.

Tassel’s on the end will stimulate your dog by sight and the rabbit fur will stimulate their sense of smell creating the tugging drive and motivation that you are looking for.

Bungee Milker is made from recycled milkers and tubular webbing with a double layer of bungee on the inside is a drive them crazy type of toy. The milker itself, cleaned and sanitized holds the scent that will drive them to the toy.  Soft on the teeth, the bungee milker will create hours of tugging enjoyment.

Bungee Ball Milker Tug is a fun tug toy with a ball and a milker. What makes this dog toy unique is the use of recycled milking inflations that are cleaned and sanitized so they are safe for your dog. Even though they have been cleaned, the scent remains helping create the toy drive you are looking for. Energetic and sight stimulated dogs will go crazy for the Bungee Ball Milker.

Pocket Fur Tug is made with faux fur and quite colorful.  Great for a quick grab and tug session.  Hides easily in your pocket or even crunched up in your hand.

Mini Bungee Baa Stick is a bungee handle with sheep shearling for the tug.  Another toy that will no doubt add plenty of excitement to your tugging sessions. Lots of fun, but best suited to a small dog.